Mar 10th, 2021, 04:00 PM

A Week's Worth of Radio

By Isabella Bosco
Image Credit: Unsplash/Eric Nopanen
Discover France through Radio

As our lives are becoming increasingly more technology-dependent, discovering radio can be a stimulating way to take a break from all the screens. It's also an opportunity to learn about our surroundings in France and the world! Discover French radio day-by-day with this guide! 

Monday: France Inter / Radio Nostalgie

Start off the week catching up with current events with France Inter. It is a good source if you want to listen to fast-paced conversations about news and culture. France Inter also happens to be the most listened to digital radio station in France, so you can be sure to keep up with what’s happening all over France. A different radio station that's a good way to disconnect while cooking dinner or after the first long weekday is Radio Nostalgie. Its slogan being, “Les plus grandes chansons,” Nostalgie streams pre-2000’s songs that you are sure to sing along to, or maybe learn fun new French songs to sing along to! 

Tuesday: Radio Meuh

Are you tired of listening to the same songs on a continuous loop? Radio Meuh is an independent French radio station that plays various groovy DJ sets on an unbroken broadcast. It’s a perfect playlist to play as background music, to study to, or just discover new beats. Radio Meuh prides itself for its wide selection of groove and funk music, and best of all listening to this radio supports a smaller independent French radio station. 

Image credit: Unsplash/ Andres Medina

Wednesday: France Culture

France Culture is a member of French Public Radio. Their programs vary between historical, philosophical, scientific, and socio-political features. Maybe by the middle of the week, work has become overwhelming and you want to be transported elsewhere. You can either chose to listen to specific podcasts through their website or just tune in live and let the conversation surprise you.

Thursday: Radio Nova

Radio Nova is a mix of eclectic music from all over the world! No same genre is played, so there is always an international song for you to discover. Nova was created in Paris to highlight underground artists and step away from the mainstream. Some of the genres covered by this station are reggae, new wave, jazz, electro, world, and hip-hop. It’s a perfect way to start getting ready for the weekend and discover a new song or genre.

Friday: Radio Mouv’ 

Radio Mauv’ is a public radio station originating in Toulouse. It plays a pretty even mixture of French and American rap, and it does an even better job at getting you pumped for the weekend. You know you have mastered the French language when you can sing along to a French rap song.

Saturday: Arte Radio 

Arte Radio is an online radio platform that consists of interesting feminism, justice, and creative writing podcasts. Arte Radio is a European public service channel that supports cultural programming. It's not only an online radio platform but is also known for its widely renowned television channel. You don’t have any plans on a Saturday night? Have a date with yourself and let Arte Radio tell you a bedtime story! 

Image Credit: Upsplash/Juja Han

Sunday: Radio Classique

Sunday is time to wind down and prepare for the week to come. Radio Classique is another public French radio station that is not limited to discovering classical music but also has discussions on economics and politics! It’s a nice way to listen to the French language in the comfort of your home all while listening to classical music. It can be refreshing to take a step away from the screens that consume our lives and soak in the benefits of classical music.

Each of these stations is sure to broaden your musical taste and expand your knowledge of international culture. Take some time to listen this week!