Sep 28th, 2019, 06:10 PM

Are You Thinking Of Reducing Your Plastic Footprint?

By Ariane Petit
Going zero-waste is a crucial step in a sustainable lifestyle. Image Credit: Laura Mitulla/Unsplash
Four Shops in Paris to get you Started on a More Sustainable Lifestyle

The Amazon is burning,  Hurricane Dorian is destroying everything in its way and a 16-year-old is schooling world leaders about climate change. The world is literally up in flames, yet for politicians, the center of the 'save the world' discussion remains centered around the question - how much is this going to cost us? 

The purpose of this article is not to depress you – but rather to educate and help you be a more sustainable consumer through developing a zero-waste lifestyle. A growing trend among thousands of individuals worldwide, a zero-waste lifestyle aims to have a full resource lifecycle where no waste gets sent to the landfill. Becoming a trend among many singles and families, a zero-waste lifestyle is challenging, rewarding and fun. If you have a large plastic footprint and don't know where to start, here are a few shops throughout Paris that will help you on your journey to having a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Naked Shop: The Naked Shop opened last year in the 11th arrondissement. A bulk-supply shop, the market specializes in liquid products. With a catalog of over thirty different items, the store offers everything from liquid dish shop to hair products to laundry detergent. One thing to remember is that this shop is BYOB — Bring Your Own (reusable) Bottle! But,   if you don't have your own, don't worry, you can use one of the shops returnable bottles. It's simple! You pay one euro the first time, and then when you are done using it, you can return the bottle and they will reimburse you. 

5 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris


Image credit:  Anastasiia Rozumna/ Unsplash

Day by Day: Day by Day is not just a food-related bulk shop, but also has an assortment of hygiene products. Here you can bring your own containers, buy one there, or just take one from the donations bins where people give away old jam containers. Throughout Paris, there are three locations. One is in the 7th, another is in the 17th, and the last is in the 15th. 

70 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, 46 Rue des Moines, 75017 Paris, 1 Rue du Général Beuret, 75015 Paris

Image credit: Laura Mitulla/Unsplash


La Maison du Zero Déchet:  La Boutique du Zero Déchet located in the 18th arrondissement sells all zero waste items that you need and also is the perfect place to get guidance on how how to transition to this eco-friendly lifestyle. With several workshops every month, the shop has classes that teach newbies everything from how to make your own produce bags to how to create reusable food wraps.

3 Rue Charles Nodier, 75018 Paris

Image credit: Maria Ilves/Unsplash



Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen: Located just outside of Paris, Marché aux Puces was the first art and antics market in the world and now has over 2000 merchants. The market is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays. It is a place where you can find not only old furniture, but also clothes, books, jewelry and pottery.

Access by metro via Line 4 at Porte de Clignancourt, or Line 13 at Garibaldi.

Image credit: Edu Grande/Unsplash