May 4th, 2019, 10:37 PM

Kate Feng: Collection No.0

By Isala Gray
Kate Feng With Guests at Showroom, Source: Kate Feng
A review of Kate Feng's first collection and showroom.

Loud rap music filled the streets of Rue Bachaumont, in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris on Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 7 PM. The boisterous sounds came from an all-white showroom perfectly settled on the quaint street. Students gathered outside smoking their cigarettes and chatting. Just past the security detail with the guest list in hand, the faint sounds of champagne popping could be heard in the background. Young adults dressed stylishly in primarily black and white circled around the racks of styled clothing with champagne glasses in hand. The young adults came together for Kate Feng's showcase of the brand's first collection, Collection No.0, launched at 7 rue Bachaumont. The 19-year-old former AUP student unveiled her brand with much of the AUP community in attendance as well as more of Paris' trendy youth.

Kate Feng cigarette bowl, Source: Leila Roker 

Feng told Peacock Plume, "This collection was mostly done by me and my creative director, Samuel Merritt." Feng and Merritt agreed the process was long and stressful, sharing they didn't have the venue secured until the morning of the show.

Garments hung on racks at both ends of the showroom, with walls adorned with pictures of models, Maia and Ava Barnett, styled in Feng and Merritt's designs.

Model in Kate Feng's Line N.0

Sisters Maia and Ava were also in attendance,  sporting original pieces by the designers. The overall aesthetic of the fashion line (they described as Spring/Summer) was very minimalist, and the venue mirrored this theme. The studio, in the 2nd Arrondissement, was all white with a few black accents. The duo's inspiration sparked from Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent, the two admitted. Feng specified, "We used all organic materials to show people we actually care about the society and current issues that is happening in Society". The designers' target market are millennials who are "also aware of societal issues".

Kate Feng mingling with guests in showroom, Source: Leila Roker 

Feng, a former AUP student, is currently planning on transferring to Business School in the U.K.. She says, "My passion has always been fashion". The young designer tells Peacock Plume she plans on taking business courses in order to learn how to properly run and market her business.

Designer, Kate Feng, with a Friend at the Fashion Showcase, Image Credit: Kate Feng

While the designs were sketched up by Feng and Merritt, the team outsourced the construction of the garments to a factory in London. Eva Williamson-Kanter, AUP student and guest of Feng's showroom said, "It's really great. They put a lot of hard work into it. Just Walking around I really like a lot of the pieces." 

Kate Feng Showroom, Source: Leila Roker 

The show started late, but this is to be expected of any fashion production. The champagne was nice, the cigarette bowl even nicer, but the main allure of the showroom was the venue itself. Guests posed and conducted their own photo shoots in the photogenic studio for the duration of the night. 

One of Kate Feng's Clothing Racks at Fashion Showcase, Image Credit: Leila Roker

**Prices for Kate Feng's designs range from 80€ to 319€.