Apr 7th, 2019, 07:43 PM

How You're SUPPOSED to Open a Bottle of Champagne

By Isala Gray
Champagne Tasting With AUP's Wine Society
Champagne Tasting With AUP's Wine Society: Source : Isala Gray 
A look at AUP's Wine Society Champagne Master Class.

On Friday, April 5, 2019, AUP’s Wine Society gathered at the Combes building for a champagne master class led by wine educator and founder of Delectabulles, Cynthia Coutu. After getting certified at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London, Coutu realized the wine industry is heavily male-dominated, from its growers to its sommeliers. Coutu reacted by creating a Champagne networking club for women who enjoy drinking sparkling wines and who enjoy creating them. Her mission is to showcase female trailblazers in the wine world and bridge the gap between female oenophiles (wine lovers) and the industry that can tend to be “a boys club.” 

The first step in the two-and-a-half hour course was aimed at learning about the Champagne Region, how wine is made, the differences between wines, and of course, how to properly open a champagne bottle in order to "preserve your bubbles," as Cynthia Coutu says. When opened correctly, there is no loud popping sound.

Cynthia Coutu Teaches Students How To Open A Bottle While Preserving Champagne Bubbles; Source: Leila Roker 

The group exercised and developed their palette and smelling abilities through learning how to identify complex aromas and tastes in champagnes. Students learned about the fermentation, the blending, and the riddling process’ of Champagne production as well. Wine Society members enjoyed a Brut Grand Reserve vintage, Cuvée Blanc de Noirs, and a Cuvée Blanc de Blancs. All the wines consumed were produced by women based in Albert Beerens and Venue Olivier et Fils. After the champagne lesson and tasting, which loosened up a majority of students, the group mingled over baguettes, cheese and chips. 

Wine Society President Caelin Paterson Learning To Properly Open Champagne Bottle; Source: Isala Gray 

The wine society meets every other week and enjoys regionally themed wine tastings led by the President, Caelin Paterson. To get Wine Society event updates, email winesociety@aup.edu to join the mailing list. You can sign up for Coutu's monthly newsletter that showcases female wine-related trailblazers as well as upcoming champagne events at delectabulles.com. Coutu also organizes wine tours to the Champagne region of France (prices depend on group size.)